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Mining process

Our mining process takes place in a clean environment, a pristine area at the Siwa oasis dedicated for this purpose, highly pure rock salt is being extracted on daily basis by our skilled miners.

road De icing rock salt siwa salt ssc_5.jpeg



Covered and sealed trucks are being used to transport around 700 tonnes of rock salt daily from our Siwa salt mine to our warehouse at the port of Damietta.


Away from rain, dust and dirt, the storage of our rock salt takes place at our sealed warehouse at the port of Damietta, with a large space we are able to safely stock an amount of 50,000 MT ready to be loaded on ships .

Loading Ships

Trucks empty the rock salt on a clean sheet at the port, which is carried afterwards by the cranes to the ship's tanks, using our logistics we are able to load between 7,000 - 10,000 MT per day

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